Zone Out

Ashley Bundang is a busy person. Totally Mild, Ciggie Witch, the live outfit for Sui Zhen; many fingers, many pies; you’d think she’d get burnt out.

However, when you’re ultimately presented with Zone Out’s Transience – this new somethin’ somethin’ from Bundang and Scotdrakula’s Dove Bailey – all those origins work together to pull the warped faces on Transience’s cover back into focus.”

“…The pitch-shifted coos over opener ‘Andalucian Intro’ establish voice as key throughout the rest ofTransience; whether it be the way Bundang’s vocals glide alongside the blissful soft organs on ‘Inside’, or the commitment to honesty prevalent in the lyricism…”

“Dull bits, touching bits, heartbreak and melody intertwined into a pretty little electro pop package, without trying to beat you over the head to dance to every song.”

– Nicholas Kennedy, Collapse Board